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Eigth-days Chronometer in rare carrying case – Waltham, Massachusetts

Eight-days marine chronometer made by Waltham, Massachusetts USA. The clock is mounted in a three-tier mahogany case with brass bands and a lift up glass cover. The case has a beautiful patin and can be locked with the original key. Inside with a lever to secure the gimbal during transport. The clock is wound by a knurled knob and has a power reserve of eight days. When pulled out this knob also sets the time.
Clock and case are in a fine and original condition. The clock keeps the time very well.

Making position at sea by sun and star reckoning requires a precise Greenwich time. Therefore a chronometer is always present on the bridge of a ship. The accuracy of the clock is checked every day.

Between 1907 and 1936 Waltham made around 16,000 of these well known eigth-days and boxed chronometers especially for the US Navy and US Coast Guard. The one offered has number 19042364 which dates the chronometer around 1912.

Catalog: NM.1-36
Date: ca. 1912
HWL case: 12,5×12,5×12,5 cm (4,9×4,9×4,9”)
HWL carrying case: 19x19x19 cm, rare
D clock: 7,6 cm (3”)
Origin: USA
Condition: perfect, signs of use at the backside

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