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Nautical instruments

Harpoon II Depth Finder with Lead – T. Walker, ca. 1880

Walker’s brass depth log or sounding machine with a dial reading 30 fathoms. The rotor is free to rotate as the log is lowered, but when the line is drawn up again a locking piece drops down and holds it in place. Stamped with anchor mark and signed T. W. and number Z4785. The lead is attached to the sounding machine. On the instrument is a plate with: Walker’s Harpoon II Depth Finder , made in England by Thos. Walker & Son Ltd. 58, Oxfordstreet, Birmingham. Affixed is a label with data on which the instrument was purchased by the previous owner and at what price.

Date: 1870 – 1890
DW machine: 8×17 cm (3.1×6.8 in)
L lead: 14,5 cm (5.8 in)
Signed: T. Walker
Origin: England
Condition: in good and working condition
Catalog: NM.4-40

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