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Very rare Dutch Circle – La Motte, Versailles, France, 17th century

The ‘Hollandse Cirkel’, Dutch circle or circumferentor, is developed by the Dutchman J.P. Dou around 1600 as an angle measuring instrument. It consists of a circle with a fixed and a rotatable sighting device. With the ball and socket joint placed on a vertically placed stick, horizontal angles can be measured. This very beautiful La Motte instrument, even better than the pictures show, has a double graduation on the ring with nice leaf decorations. In the center of the circle a rotatable compass with a set of sights. The compass has an 8-pointed rose, the north of which is indicated with a fleur-de-lys. The signature is on the back. La Motte instruments are very rare.

Catalogue: NM.6-07
Date: 1700 – 1720
D: 15.2 cm
Signed: La Motte à Versailles
Origin: France
Condition: excellent

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