Celestial Globe, Star Finder – Hughes, London, 1975

Making position by observation of stars is done at twilight. With partly cloudy skies it can be difficult to find the right stars. This star globe helps with it. In the lid of the box there is a paper label with instructions for use.

The wooden deck box of mahogany is dovetailed. On the front two clasps for locking with a safety device against unforeseen opening. The lid contains the instructions for use and two grease pencils.
The globe is in very good condition and mounted in a brass meridian circle. The brass horizon circle carries a azimuth ring with four vertical quadrants and two cursors.

Catalog: NM.5-25
Date: 1975
HWD case: 28×26,5×26,5 cm ( 11×10,5×10,5 in)
D globe: 18 cm (7 in)
Case signed: DRYAD
Globe signed: STAR GLOBE, Kelvin & Hughes, Epoch 1975
Horizon signed: Patt. 6605-99-463-6623
Origin: England
Condition: very well, in working condition, wear consistent with age and use

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