Composition of a 18th Century Battle Ship – J.B. Homann, Nuremberg, c. 1720

Neue Tafel vor alle Liebhabers und See-fahrende Personen stellet vor ein Orlogs oder Krieg-shiff mit seinen folligen Tow & Seilwerk sampt einem durchgesnitten Shiff, auch Vor und Hintertheil desgleichen Booten, Chaloupen und Shiff-Heber und nebst noch mehr anderer Shiffs Geraeth Shafft und Zugehörungen.

Very rare and large old coloured engraving of a warship’s with cross section and seventeen diagrams around. Made by the famous cartograph Johann Baptist Homann and published around 1720 in Nuremberg and is still in good condition. The diagrams show navigation instruments, ship types, cross sections including an admiral ship. The cross section shows a very detailed interior of the ship with extensive key. The print was occasionally included in the great Homann atlas, Atlas novus terrarum orbis imperia regna et status exactis tabulis geographice demonstrans.

Catalog: BK.1-20
Signed: Joh. Baptist Homann,
Engraved: c.1720
HW plate: 48,5 x 57 cm
HW sheet: 54 x 62.5 cm
Carton frame: 66 x 74 cm
Condition: VG

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