Croskery’s Patent Position Finder

Station pointer or position finder in pine box with manual. The box contains three extra manuals and a letter addressed to Captain Croskery. All this together suggests that this is the instrument of Croskery itself.
It is not yet entirely clear whether Croskery invented the station pointer for coastal navigation, but all the compliments from colleagues and institutions on the paper at the bottom of the box suggests that.

The station pointer consists of a graduated circle and three arms. Strings have been placed in the arms for an accurate reading. The circle of this instrument has a diameter of 24 centimeters and is made of brass. The scale is divided into points and half point. Bearings can be taken directly with this instrument and transferred to the chart.
Some parts are missing from this instrument.
Compare NAV 0636 with parts of Maritime Museum Greenwich.

Catalog: NM.5-16
Date: 1892
HWL case: cm3x40x26 cm
D instrument: 24 cm
Signed: Croskery’s Patent Position Finder, reg nr 15261
Origin: England
Condition: in good and working condition, parts missing

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