Electric Master Deck Watch with carrying box – Ulysse Nardin, 1943, Geneva, Switzerland

At sea, having the right time on board is essential to be able to make a position.

Very rare and large deck watch in a case of stainless steel made by Ulysse Nardin. Special about this specimen is the electrical mechanism by which the watch can be used as a master timekeeper or mother clock. Stored in a three tier deck box with key and carrying case lined with green baize. Both made of mahogany. The white enamel dial with subsidiaries for seconds and power reserve. The 24 is marked in red to indicate when the watch should be wound. Blue steel hands. Stainless steel case with electrical contact in the band and sprung electrical contacts and circuitry under the mahogany cover. Case and watch numbered 124500. The closing lid of the watch and the inner lid are numbered 669338.

Information of Ulysse Nardin about this chronometer: “About the closing lid number we don’t have information. Usually the wooden case has the same number as the movement, but sometimes they deviate. The electric device was to make this chronometer like a “mother clock”. Once connected to another device it could show 1/100th of seconds!”

From La Collection exclusive des Chronomètres de Marine, publication 1947, page 10 and 11.

Catalogue: NM.6-50
Date: 1943
HWL: 12×21.5×19.5 cm
Diam: 65 mm
Signed: Ulysse Nardin, Lockle Swiss, 124500
Origin: Switzerland
Condition: excellent

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