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Fabulous and large Silver Deck Watch – Ulysse Nardin, Switzerland, 1940

Very rare and large deck watch in a solid silver 925 case made by Ulysse Nardin. Stored in a three tier mahogany deck box with key lined with purple baize.

Blue steel hands. The clean white dial displays black Roman numerals, sub-seconds at the bottom and a power reserve indicator. The 24 is marked in red to indicate when the watch should be wound. The movement is hand wounded. Time will be set by pressing the button near 11 o’clock. At sea, having the correct time on board is essential to be able to determine longitude and to make a starfix.

Ulysse Nardin are famous watchmakers in Switzerland. The made made a name as producing extremely high quality and reliable watch chronometers for both international navies and shipping companies.

Information of Ulysse Nardin:

Catalogue: NM.6-28
Date: 1940
HWL: 7×11.5×13.8 cm
Diam: 65 mm
Signed: Ulysse Nardin, Lockle Swiss,
Lid and inner lid marked: FFBA46, 612938
Dial and clockwork number: 120610
Origin: Switzerland
Condition: excellent, in working condition

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