Nautical instruments

International Flags, Pendants and Substitutes

Signal flags according to the International Radiotelegraph Conference in Washington in 1930.


During WWII, the international signal book from 1897 was found not to work properly between ships of different nationalities. It was therefore decided to thoroughly revise this book.

Numberal pendants have been introduced and substitutes. This book has been the international standard since 1930. They serve as a means of communication between ships and from ships to the authorities ashore.


In stock merchant navy and naval flags of different sizes:

– approx. 60 x 90 cm

– approx. 70 x 95 cm

– approx. 85 x 145 cm

– approx. 125 x 165 cm

– other sizes



Catalogue: NM.6-21
Date: 1930 – 1960
Origin: international
Condition: good with signs of use

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