Ship’s Deck Chronometer – Wilhelm Emmeche, Copenhagen

A very fine two day marine chronometer made by Wilhelm Emmeche, Copenhagen, Denmark. In three-tier mahony case and a lift up glass cover. On the front an ivory nameplate and an ivory plate with No 4. No 4 is also on the dial. Hand-wound movement with power reserve of 56 hours. The movement is engraved, WILHELM EMMECHE KJÖBENHAVN No 4. With a lever for the gimbal. Beautiful patin. Good working. Both the cases and the movement are made of the finest quality. Case, chronometer and details look very similar to the chronometers made by Dent.

Catalog: NM.2-08
Date: ca. 1890-1910
HWL case: 19,2x18x18 cm (7,6×7,1×7,1”)
HWL caryingcase: 24,4×24,4×24,4 cm (9,6×9,6×9,6”)
D movement: 12,4 cm (4,9”)
Signed: WILHELM EMMECHE Kjöbenhavn
Origin: Denmark
Condition: perfect with some signs of use

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