Ship’s log Cherub Mark III – Walkers, Birmingham, 1940

A finely made ship’s log to measure the distance covered through the water within a certain time. Distance divided bij the time in hours, gives the speed in knots through the water.


A nice and complete Mark III in case with two spare windows, two rotators, hook and gimbal foot. Three dials on ennamel face, the larger registers up to 100 miles, the smaller two register up tot ten and 1000 mile. Two four bladed rotators stamped with anchor motif and initials TW.

The production of the Mark III commenced in 1930 and ceased in 1994. Details and serialnumber suggest a manufacturingdate circa 1940.


Catalogue: NM.6-17
Date: ca. 1940
L log:  24 cm
Diameter log: 11.7 cm
Log signed: WALKER’S  CHERUB Mark III, serialnumber AG7722
Origin: England
Condition: good and complete

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