Terrestrial Globe – Merzbach & Falk, Bruxelles, 1881

A classic victorian political and physical globe edited in Bruxelles by the famous house Merzbach and Falk, founded in 1881. A rather interesting globe depicting mountains, ocean currents and wireless cables. Antarctica has not yet been explored.

The sphere is on a plaster base covered with 12 chromolithographed paper gores. Blackened bronze base with man heads and lion feet. On top a bronze key.


Catalog: GL.1-13
Date: ca. 1900
H: 60 cm
D globe: 30 cm
Cartouche:      Institute geographique de Bruxelles 1881
Globe terrestre publié par Merzbach & Falk editeurs
Librairie Europienne C. Muquardt, Bruxelles
Origin: Belgium
Condition: overall in good condition, slight browning may occur

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