Traverse Board – Skandinavian, ca. 1800

The traverse board was used to make dead reckoning. The circular part has 32 compass points with eight holes on each point. In the middle are eight cords secured with little pins. The pins are made of copper. The cardinal regions are marked N, NO, O, SO, S, SV, W, NV. The incorrectly indicated SV was later corrected.
During the watch at sea, the sailed course was recorded every half hour by placing a pin on the sailed course at the circular part. On the rectangular part, the miles traveled are recorded. They are indicated from 1 to 12 and 1/4, 1/2, 3/4. Four rows below each other. One for every hour of the watch. At night in the dark this could easily be done by touch. Taking current and tide into account, the position was charted with these data after or during the watch.

Catalogue: NM.7-01
Date: ca. 1800
DH: 22×32.5×1.6 cm
Signed: not signed
Origin: Skandinavian
Condition: in good and working condition, wear consistent with age and use, some ropes and pins are missing

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