Two Navy Flint Pistols with foldable bayonet – France, 18th century

Two with fine craftmanship made French Navy flint pistols with octagonal, brass barrel, wooden butts and foldable bayonet. Original quality with traces of silver filigree in the butts. Navy pistols are equipped with brass parts due to the weather conditions at sea.

Weapons like these are not top pieces, but they display like no other utensil the atmosphere of combat at sea. Keeping in hand lets feel very well how the battle at sea could take place. Namely from very close. The shot distance was only a few meters. The opponent, a man like you, can be looked into the eyes. And the weapon can only be fired once.

Catalog: MA.2-02
Date: 1780 – 1810
L: 23,5/33 cm (19.2/13 in)
Signed: not signed
Origin: France
Condition: overall in good condition, one flint missing

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