US Navy Sextant with silvered scale – early 20th century

Very fine and complete Navy sextant of black painted brass. Mahony case with dovetailes, lock and little key, brass carrying handle an so on. The inside has a baized-covered lid and bottom. The case is marked with the number 442.
Silvered scale, graduated from -5 to 153 degrees, set in a brass arc. The scale of the sextant is marked with S on the left side and with D 442 on the right side.
Numbering of the case is similar to he numbering of the US Navy sextantcases.
Serialnumber of the sextant is similar to the way of numbering by Brandis and Sons in Brooklyn.

Catalog: NM.1-05
Date: 1900-1920
HWL case: 12,5×27,5×27 cm (4,9×10,8×10,7”)
HW sextant: 21,5×23,3 cm (8,5×9,2”)
Signed: not signed
Origin: USA
Condition: perfect and complete with some few signs of corrosion

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