Very fine early 19th century Ebony Octant – England

Octant of ebony in original case of teakwood (djati). In the inside of the lid a trade card of H.G. Blair in Cardiff and a sticker of Datema, Delfzijl, on the outside an inlaid star. The inset scale of ivory reads from 0 to 105 degrees, the figures nice engraved by hand. This octant is identical to the octants sold by D. McGregor in Glasgow, J. Hughes and J. Somalvigo in London, Weichert in Cardiff and many other dealers.

Catalogue: NM.5-37
Date: 1840-1860
HWL case: 12.5×30.5×33.5 cm
LW octant: 30,5×26 cm
Radius (rotation axis till nonius): 24,5 cm
Signed: not signed
Origin: England
Condition: perfect and complete

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