Deck Taffrail Log, new patent – Edw. Massey, London, ca. 1890

Massey taffrail log number 1193 with universal action bracket and tube shaped register. The dial registers up to 100 miles on a porcelain face. The instrument could be boomed out amidship or from the bridge or secured to the taffrail. The production was ceased in 1903.
The universal action bracket, called a Looped Stand Arm and Joint was patented by J.E. Massey in 1876.
The log is also described in Distance Run, page 123 (see BK.1-14)

Catalog: NM.4-42
Date: ca. 1890
HWL: 5×9,5×39 cm (2×3.9×15.2 in)
Signed: Edwd Massey’s, nr 1193
Origin: England
Condition: very good condition, chip on dial
Catalog: NM.4-42

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