Dry Card Bearing Compass, large – Briand, Nantes, 19th century

Gimbaled dry card compass in brass bowl. On the rose the name of the maker.
With wooden case of pine with dovetails and sliding cover. The inside of the bowl is painted white with lubber’s line. On the glass a brass pivot for an azimuthring.

Catalog: NM.1-01
Date: 1880 – 1900
HWL case: 15x23x23 cm (5 7/8×9 1/8x9n 1/8”)
D compass: 15,6 cm (6 1/8”)
Signed: J.B. BRIAND, NANTES. + Fab. de Compas Instrum.ts de Marine +
Origin: France
Condition: perfect, minor repairs on the case

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