Large Naval Telescope – Lorieux, Paris, 19th century

Nice quality single draw telescope with two bras tubes and good optics in a wooden chest. The mainbody is clad with leather and has taken on a nice antique patina, polished over the years. The eye lens has a sliding lens protector. The objective lens with a diameter of 6 cm (2.5 in).

Père Edmond Lorieux had his workshop in Paris at Passage Dauphine 30 and Rue Mazarine 27 à Paris.

Catalog: NM.2-11
Date: circa 1850
L telescope: 78/93,5 cm (30.6/36.8 in)
Signed: E. Lorieux Père Paris
Origin: France
Condition: good with some general signs of wear
The stand is new made of old oak of about the same age as the telescope.
Price of the stand is E 85,=

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