Rudder tail piece – Friesland, Netherlands, 19th century

Wooden sailing cargo ships in the Netherlands liked to show off their stern. This part of the vessel with deck-house and skipper at the helm naturally caught the attention of the on-shore spectators. The top of the rudder, on top of the wooden helmet, was therefore often decorated with carvings in the shape of a rudder head, a rudder lion or a rudder click.

This multi-colored, beautifully decorated rudder click shows a cornucopia from which comes a green painted oak branch with leaves and acorns, the corners decorated with a cut rope and a brass knob.

In Greek mythology, Zeus was raised by Amaltheia, often depicted as a goat. When one of her horns was broken off, Zeus filled it abundantly with riches and then handed it to the goddess Fortuna.

Catalog: MA.1-24
Date: 1880-1900
HWL: 16x11x130 cm (6.2×4.2×51 in)
Signed: not signed
Origin: Friesland, Netherlands
Condition: perfect for its age

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