Ship’s taffrail log with rope and propellor – Ludolph, Bremerhaven

Ship-log with tafrailshoe, rope and propellor, made of brass with enamel dial. The milometer on the scale messures up to 100 miles. Details and design features suggest a manufacture date around 1925.

A ship-log records the distance travelled through the water. With the time in hours between the observations, it gives the ship’s speed in knots.
Fixed on the rail at the stern of a ship, the taffrail. The recorder would have been connected with a line to the spinner and the flywheel at the end of the line.

Catalog: NM.1-44
Date: ca. 1925
LD clock: 15×8,3 cm (6,5×5,3 in)
Number: 39112
Origin: Germany
Condition: perfect and complete

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