Yacht Sextant – Heath & Co, London, early 20th century

Very fine and complete Brittish yacht sextant of black painted brass. In mahony case with dovetailes, lock and little key, baized-covered lid and bottom, carrying handle of brass. With silvered scale, graduated from -5 to 150 degrees, set in a brass arc.

Catalog: NM.1-12
Date: 1900-1920
HWL case: 12,8×25,5×23 cm (5x10x9,1 in)
HW sextant: 21,5×23 cm (8,4×9,1 in)
Signed: Manufactured by Heath & Co Ld Crayford, London. S.E. for J.J. Ribeiro Lisboa
Origin: England
Condition: perfect and complete

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