Two Mailboats on glass – Maatschappij Zeeland, Vlissingen/Hook of Holland

Handmade paintings on glass in a stand of ss Prinses Juliana and ss Orange Nassau at full sea. Both ships are sisterships of the Zeeland Steamship Company (SMZ). The company was a ferry operator with services from the Netherlands to the UK between 1875 and 1989. The ships were build in 1909. The Prinses Juliana hit a mine 1916 and broke up.
Fine craftmanship and original quality.

Catalog: MA.1-01
Date: 1909-1940
HW glass Juliana: 32×18 cm (12,5×7”)
HW glass Orange Nassau: 33×17 cm (13×6,8”)
Signed: not signed
Origin: Netherlands
Condition: overall in good condition, no repairs

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