Archipel International Maritime Gallery is a gold mine for fans of old and antique sea charts. The collection consists mainly of British Admiralty Charts, but only a few are shown. If you are interested in a specific nautical chart, please do not hesitate to inquire. A up-to-date overview in excel is available. The charts are in good condition, most of them are not or little used.

The charts are valued as follows:
VG++ unused chart
VG+ little used clean chart, light handling marks and creases
VG good sea chart, handling marks more emphatically present
G good sea chart with clearly present traces of use
G- historically interesting map but with flaws

Slight signs of use, small defects and repairs which do not detract the image of the chart, are not mentioned.

The dimensions of the charts are indicated with:
Standard size, 71×104 cm or 28×41 inch
Half size, 71×52 cm or 28×20,5 inch
Large size, 71 cm wide but larger then the standard format

The Hydrographic Office of the British Navy has been in existence since 1797. Over 3500 navigatinonal charts are published with supporting items such as Sailing Directions (Pilots), Tide Tables, Lights and radio Signal Lists. They give a complete world cover for shipping of every size. The surveys are mostly made by ships of the Royal Navy.